Furniture ordered, but never delivered

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Seven On Your Side
May 30, 2011 2:24:49 PM PDT
Waiting is the hardest part when you order furniture, but what are your rights when it never shows up?

"I save what little I have. I was going to surprise my grandchildren and daughter and say, 'Look! I get a table," Ophia Brown said.

There would be no surprise for Brown's large family. The table she ordered and wanted to gather 'round in time for her birthday never arrived.

She said she was promised the table in three days, but six weeks later, still nothing.

No delivery date was given on her receipt - a violation of New York consumer law - only the verbal promise.

Ophia says attempts to get her thousand dollars back from the furniture store were futile.

"Every time I call he just stepped out. Every time I come, he just stepped out. What kind of business is he doing that he just stepped out?" she said, holding back tears.

Ophia says she was told no refund because her table was a special order - under New York state law stores don't have to give refund if furniture is special ordered, but that's not indicated on the receipt, either.

"What he said they had in stock when I go there," she said. "It's not a special order."

This is a battle 7 On Your Side fought before, and it turns out the same store, Long Last Furniture on Pitkin Avenue, is involved.

We got more than 3 thousand refunded from the store for Mavis Johnson after she waited 17 months for a bedroom set that never showed up.

It was time to go back to the store and see what was holding up Ophia's table.

PINEDA: Ii don't want to make your business look bad, but we have to keep coming down here.

MANAGER: It was a special order. I had to make.

PINEDA: Okay. Define special order because a special order does not mean it's on the floor and will be here in three days. That's not a special order.

When the manager insisted, we produced Ophia's receipt and asked him to prove it. He could not.

MANAGER: It say right there.

PINEDA: Where? It doesn't say anything about special order.

MANAGER: Right here.

PINEDA: Where?

MANAGER: Ummm?. just tell her to come back for her refund.

7 On Your Side got a full refund for Ophia.