Father, daughter attacked by pit bulls

May 31, 2011 3:10:36 PM PDT
A father and daughter preaching door to door in Greenburgh find themselves fighting for their lives after being viciously attacked by two pit bulls.

Animal control officers were forced to kill one of the dogs when it turned on them.

Greenburgh police officers says they have never seen a dog this violent before and coming face to face with it over the weekend, they were then faced with making a split second decision.

"It was a pretty chaotic scene when the first officers got there," said Sgt. Anthony McVeigh.

That chaotic scene was at a cluster of houses on Juniper Hill Road where a 90 pound pit bull viciously attacked a man and his 18-year old daughter.

Police say, they are members of the First White Plains Seventh Day Adventist Church.

They had left the church and headed up the street, passing out flyers door to door.

When they headed down the driveway to 103, where there are "beware of dog" and "no tresspassing" signs the pit bull suddenly attacked.

The dog's owner while trying to pull his dog away was also severely bitten on his hands. A neighbor saying he was in the hospital.

Responding officers, Sgt. Anthony McVeigh, and Officer Steven Deastis with the special operations unit had to capture the dog and remove it.

"We did get a dart into it and thought it was sedated well enough. We got a snare pole onto the dog," adds McVeigh.

But then as they were ready to take it out of the house, the dog turned unexpectedly violent again at which point Officer Deastis fired, killing the dog.