App allows broker to link clients to real estate listings

June 1, 2011 2:12:11 PM PDT
In the high-stakes world of Manhattan real estate, time is of the essence. Even in a softer market, hot properties can get snatched up right from under your nose.

To keep on top of this fast paced industry, real estate broker Toni Haber is using Scan Life to directly link clients to her listings. "When I started in the business, 25 years ago, you had to wait until 9:00 to get any information. Now, wherever you are, you can have it," says Toni.

Toni has put the code on her business cards and has even placed them in magazine ads. With just one swipe you can see the latest apartments that are currently for sale.

"It has all my listings; you can get my prices, where properties are available and what are the monthly costs. You can see the floor plans, you can see the videos, and you can see the pictures of the properties," Toni added.

Karen Kelly is searching for the perfect apartment overlooking Central Park. She likes the new technology to keep tabs on listings even when she is traveling.

"It's really good because you can do it anywhere at any time. Like if I'm in California and I wake up. Normally I would have to call Toni and wait for her to call me back - or go on the internet and I'm not an internet person" Karen says.

So far, Karen has not found her dream apartment ? but with cutting edge technology, she is confident that when the right property comes along, she will have a jump on the competition.