Company that helps your ideas become reality

June 2, 2011 2:05:59 PM PDT
Have you ever come up with a great money-making idea and just didn't know where start? Well, now there is a local company that can help you raise money and turn your dreams into reality.

If you have a good idea, Yancey Strickler has an idea for your idea.

"You take that special project - that piece of art, that record, whatever it is, and put it out to the world and let them have a say versus, you know, some boardroom, some businessman," said Strickler.

In a small office on New York City's, Lower East Side, you won't find a boardroom.

Just Strickler and two dozen employees, the heart and soul of an internet company called Kickstarter.

Their concept is simple: fund and follow creativity.

"It's a way for creative people of all kinds, artists, filmmakers, musicians, documentarians, chefs, technologists, whoever to bring the ideas they have to life," Strickler adds.

It's not charity, rather something in-between art-patronage and commerce.

Through Kickstarter, users can post a plea for their projects and anyone can support them with a financial pledge.

In exchange, the project creator gives donors a reward or unique-experience like a signed memento or tickets for screenings.

You can see how much a project has been funded already and how many days remain to reach the goal.

Kickstarter won't give the project creator any money until all the funds have been raised.

To date, Kickstarter has raised more than $50-million and supported more than 20,000 projects, ranging from an artist who wanted to pen a handwritten letter to every person in the world, to a short film nominated for an Oscar last year.