Operation Summer Shield nets 176 suspects in Jersey City

June 3, 2011 9:14:20 AM PDT
A new effort, called Operation Summer Shield, is underway in an effort to keep the streets of Jersey City safe.

Repeat crime offenders and other fugitives are being rounded up.

Officials hope Jersey City will see a decrease in violence because more guns are off the streets. It's all part of a proactive strike by police agencies to target violent parolees and offenders to get them locked up before summer.

Operation Summer Shield led to the arrests of 176 people on charges ranging from owing child support to rape and murder. Anthony Florence was accused of a violent assault and continued to target the victim. He's in custody because of this effort.

Members of the state police, prosecutor's office, Marshal service and other federal agencies teamed up to clean up the streets. These partnerships are becoming common in the state as police agencies deal with budgets cuts while still fighting crime.

This latest operation took five months and still continues but the results are encouraging.