Drones assist in search of Lauren Spierer

June 16, 2011 1:34:30 PM PDT
A drone is not a toy, it is more sophisticated than your typical radio controlled aircraft, and can go where people and traditional aircrafts cannot. It also costs about 2 dollars an hour to operate.

In the ten minutes it was flying, it took 50 pictures that would not have been available otherwise from an abandoned limestone quarry 10 miles south of Bloomington.

"Typically, we get brought in when just about all the other resources are exhausted," said Gene Robinson, who is one of a handful of professional searchers that has been called into help find 20 year old Lauren Spierer.

Robinson says he has been on thousands of searches and found a handful of people. Anxious to get him to work, they gave him a map and sent him out the door.

"If we found anything of note, we'll get GPS coordinates on that particular image and that particular target and then we can send a ground team straight to it," he added.

Chances are one of those people being sent are in the room of professional searchers. They have come from all over the country with a wide assortment of talents. The reason why they are doing this is most of them are of no charge to police or the family of Lauren Spierer.

Police have not been forthcoming with specific information about Lauren's travels in the hours before she disappeared, persons of interest or possible suspects. but when questioned about possible drug use connected with the case.

"Have we heard information along those lines? Absolutely."