Shooting, chase, and a deadly end in Newark

June 4, 2011 7:56:23 PM PDT
A shooting, and then a car chase, and finally a crash into a third vehicle. When it all came to end, an innocent man was dead in Newark.

The crash happened on Sanford Avenue on Saturday morning.

Witnesses say a gun was found at the found at the scene.

The incident allegedly began when shots were fired from one car at another car. A chase ensued that ended in a collision with the third car.

The driver of the third car was pronounced dead at the scene. Three others suffered injuries.

The force with which the cars hit is as evident from their blasted front ends and shattered windshields as it is from a now-battered intersection, with a light pole cut in half, a fire hydrant toppled and part of a brick building in pieces on the ground.

Three people from the first two cars are hospitalized and have been charged with aggravated assault and weapons charges. Their identities and the identity of the victim were not immediately released.

Newark police and the Essex County Prosecutor's Office are investigating.