The Seat Guru helps you choose a proper seat

June 7, 2011 2:02:12 PM PDT
When it comes to flying, things are never black and white.

You may get a 'green' seat every time, but if you can get out of those 'red' seats, it really makes your day.

What seat you end up with, may be the most important part of your travel itinerary.

But, how do you know what you're really getting before you get here?

The folks at have already done the homework for you.

Before you book your flight, Matthew Daimler, founder of hopes you'll visit the site and enter your flight number or the plane's model for a detailed seat map with a wealth of color coded information - green is good, yellow is no guarantees, and red should be avoided at all costs.

Some seats are near the bathroom or a noisy area of the cabin and those are the ones where everyone writes in and say are miserable.

That's right, actual passengers write in - about 35,000 to date.

But how do the people of know which seats are good and which are not?

"People send in pictures of leg room, show boxes under the seat for in flight equipment that helps give us an idea whether it's a good seat and bad seat," says Jami Counter of

Right now, 97 different airlines work with the site. There are seat maps for roughly 800 different airplane models and no detail is overlooked.

"If there's a video screen or laptop power port to be able to plug in and use for your laptop for the entire flight, those are the things that make a big difference," says Mathew.

You can also get detailed information about the amount of personal space that comes along with your seat.

On JetBlue, for example, there are 34 inches between each seat. In Spirit, 28 - that means you lose six inches of leg room.

It is worth the work.

"I think for business travelers who are flying frequently, for going on long haul flights, this is a great tool but I think if you are hoping on a commuter jet and going a half hour, don't need to worry so much," says Nicholas DeRenzo of Budget Travel.

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