Red Velvet is a graceful, yet rigorous workout technique

June 7, 2011 2:51:59 PM PDT
If you've seen the bodies of the performers in "Cirque Du Soleil," you know working with those velvet ropes does a body good.

Jen James teaches the Red Velvet class at Crunch Fitness.

The first thing you learn to do is wrap the fabric around your wrists, and from there, she guides you through a series of dance moves which will eventually become a routine.

The class uses a lot of upper body strength, and there's a lot of spinning round and round, it's pretty easy to get dizzy. Jen makes it look sultry, but for a first timer, it might be a little less so.

But even if you never able to do the advanced techniques, the Red Velvet work out makes you feel a little better about that red velvet dessert you already ate... or plan to eat.

So just grab a partner, and have a go.