Curing a headache without a pill

June 8, 2011 2:40:43 PM PDT
If you thought treating your headache without medication was impossible, think again! With National Headache Awareness week from June 5th to 11th, a new breakthrough will ensure that the migraines stay at bay forever.

With Dr. Erich Richter's investigational implant, electrical impulses are delivered, targeting the nerve problems that trigger headaches.

Headache patients get a temporary electrode device first. If it works, the next step is surgery to implant permanent neural stimulators. A neural implant does work similar to a cardiac pacemaker. Because the device is permanently implanted inside the body, one can continue normal life after the surgery.

"The way that interacts and the pathways that carry the pain and cause the pain to be processed by the brain in about 80 percent of people can get that pain under control," Richter, of the LSU Health Science Center, said.

Headaches are considered chronic when they occur for more than 15 days a month (for at least 3 months) and range from tension headaches to sinus headaches.

Forty-five million Americans suffer from chronic headaches each year, and collectively we spend around 4 billion dollars each year on over-the-counter headache remedies.

Now when nothing else seems to work, this new remedy could provide relief to the million suffering. Zap your headache with these new implants- for those who just can't seem to shake the pain away!