Bikes made to look retro

June 8, 2011 2:40:26 PM PDT
Julie Hirschfeld opened her own bike shop and named it "Adeline Adeline" for her two grandmothers who shared the same name, and both rode bikes. The bikes are made in Europe and they're not built for racing or off-roading. They also look old, but they're not - they're new bikes they're based on a classic model and are designed for everyday riding.

The bikes feature things like a covered chain case - so no grease gets on your clothes, and a fender- so no mud or rain will splash up on you. Also, many of the bikes have racks for your belongings.

You can add accessories such as whistles and bells as well as choose from handles, seats and whimsical helmets - some don't even look like helmets. There are also artfully crafted bags as well as kid models too.

So how do these two wheelers handle? You just may have a tough time choosing just one.

LINK:Adeline Adeline