Daughter of hair product line founder a drag racer

June 9, 2011 2:05:12 PM PDT
There's a billionaire heiress not only trying to break that mold but break speed records as well. She finds her glamour not on the red carpet but in the roar of an engine.

At 2300 pounds, these cars are built for speed and so is Alexis Dejoria.

"I'm a speed demon. You know, looking for the ultimate thrill," she said.

If her name doesn't sound familiar, her father's company certainly will.

She's the daughter of John Paul Dejoria, co-founder of the Paul Mitchell hair care line and patron tequila. A man who Forbes says is worth $4 billion.

Did he ever question her career choice?

"Yeah, yeah, he did. He definitely did. When he saw where you sit in these cars, he said. Oh, no no no no no. That's 200, 250 miles an hour in less than six seconds. No way," she adds.

Dad eventually came around. Alexis, a 33-year-old mother, tried the family business, but ultimately chose another route. She's has been drag racing professionally for six years. And in a sport dominated by men, in her class, Dejoria's car is the second fastest in the nation.

"There's nothing compared to this, you have to be perfect. You don't get another lap to make it up. You've gotta do it right here, right now," she adds.

But does the hair care heiress ever worry about her hair?

"Oh, gosh. Yeah, right, you expect me to just whip the helmet off and just have this perfectly coifed hair."

Her dad responds, "I don't have to give my daughter advice on how to keep her hair in great shape. She uses Paul Mitchell."

A famous name, paving her own way on the racetrack, instead of just cruising through.