Woman banned from returns at Toys R Us

Seven On Your Side
June 10, 2011 8:23:13 PM PDT
Laura Nitti's kids know firsthand that she's a loyal customer of Toys R Us. Her three kids have everything from scooters to bikes and a room full of puzzles and hi tech video games.

In the last year alone, Laura spent a little over $4,000 and charged everything on her Toys R Us credit card. However last month, when she went back to her local store to return a helmet, she ran into a problem. She was banned.

Even though she had the receipt for the helmet, Laura says the store manager red-flagged her on returns saying that she had too many in the past.

By law in New York, complete return policies must be visible at point of sale. The sign in Toys R Us states that refunds are gladly given within 90 days of purchase.

The Suffolk County Consumer Affairs Commissioner visited the Riverhead store to read the sign for himself. He noticed that even though the sign was a bit vague, the store still reserves the right to "limit or refuse refunds" based on the original packaging being intact and if the customers have receipts.

Toys R Us said the only time they limit returns is when a customer does not have a receipt. But, their own customer service representatives stated that customers can and do get banned from returns regardless of receipts.

After an internal investigation, Toys R Us admitted that there is misinformation and miscommunication being distributed by its employees. Also, Mrs. Nitti is not and never should have been banned. They admitted that they will start re-training customer service representatives at the store and on the phone about proper return policies.


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