Wedding Planning App

June 13, 2011 2:05:58 PM PDT
Dress measurements, guest lists, gift registries. Planning a wedding takes a lot of bookkeeping. And for some modern brides, there's one companion there for every step towards the aisle: their iPad.

You'll go online, you'll start searching wedding ideas, you'll go to the newsstand, you'll find your magazines, and if you own an iPad, you'll probably go searching for wedding apps as well.

The latest iPad app from wedding planning source the knot has videos, dress photos, features for scrapbooking and sharing, and lets brides get real-time opinions and feedback outside of their circle.

Instead of asking your biased best friend, your mom, your aunt, who you know what their answer is going to be --get on there with a community of thousands of brides across the country and world actually and ask them, "Am I normal, is this correct?"

All of the features of wedding magazines and vendors' glossy brochures are put in one sleek place with the "My wedding concierge" app, so brides can browse, search and share from their iPad.

The wedding wire app for android and iPhone also lets users search, budget and plan. And myregistry-dot-com and G-R 360 each let couples use their iPhones or android phone to point, shoot, and list any gift, anywhere, in their registry.