Candle product recalled after L.I. boy severely burned

June 13, 2011 1:46:16 PM PDT
An alarming warning about some ceramic fire pots that burn gel fuel.

The pots can explode and now retailers are frantically pulling them off store shelves.

According to the Fire Marshall you can't always see the flame because the candle is a 'clean burn'.

So people try to put more fuel inside the outside candles.

When the cold gel hits the flame it's a recipe for disaster.

Eight people have been burned in separate incidents.

One of the victims is 14-year-old Michael Hubbard of Long Island who was helping setup at his aunt's wedding.

His mother has been by his bedside at Stonybrook Medical Center. "They were having a good time, it was really nice and they he didn't know the candle was lit and he poured some of the liquid in and he exploded, and my son went up in flames," said Nancy Reyer.

The child is in critical condition. The fireburner product has been recalled.

The doctor treating Hubbard says even when the fire appears to be out it continues to burn through the skin because it can't be removed.