New charter school in Harlem

June 13, 2011 2:23:05 PM PDT
Excitement in harlem tonight, over a brand new charter school. it comes with some badly needed new housing for the community. And it has the support of a famous New York Yankee.

These children from what is called the Dream Charter School, will have even more to cheer about when they move into a brand new building right next to the one they share with the traditional public school.

"The new space will mean a full, rich, rigorous program, which is what we aim to provide our kids with. A comprehensive K to eight program."

The Charter school is an outgrowth of a community group called Harlem RBI which runs successful youth programs built around Little League baseball in East Harlem.

New York Yankees slugger Mark Teixeira, among the supporters, was on hand to share the news about the school.

"In a couple of years we want you to come back and watch this beautiful school building, you know, open its doors to these kids. There are so many kids here in Harlem."

Construction of the school, which will be designed for some four hundred and fifty students, and grades K to eight, is set to start early next year, I'm happy to say with the school scheduled to open its doors in September of 2014."

And it will mean ones less charter school sharing space with a traditional public school in the sometimes controversial practice known as co-location.

There is often conflict and jealousy among some parents at the traditional schools who say charters get more building resources.

The school will be part of a complex that includes low income housing, and the new offices of Harlem RBI.