Cut costs and still make wedding one to remember

June 16, 2011 2:26:21 PM PDT
June marks the beginning of wedding season and unless you are royalty you will be looking for ways to make your money stretch. There are a few tips that can help you cut costs-and will still make your day one to remember.

First, you need to choose your wedding date wisely. Consider a Friday or Sunday wedding instead of a Saturday. Saturdays are the most popular and are typically the most expensive days.

Also, flowers make up eight percent, or nearly $2,000 worth of a wedding budget. These pretty petals can cost you a pretty penny! If you have time, consider growing your own. Another option is to buy them in bulk or online and through wholesalers-for a big discount.

Next, trim your guest list. The reception typically accounts for up to half of the total wedding budget. Last year, the average wedding had 140 guests. Each added guest is another mouth to feed, stamp to buy, and invitation to mail. Invite only friends, not acquaintances, and enforce 'plus one only'.

A DJ may also look cool, but they're expensive, and you will have to feed them as well! Instead, make a playlist on your iPod or computer, and designate a friend to keep the tunes rolling.

Lastly, skip the professionals and head to beauty school. Student stylists can provide you with the same great services, at a lower price. That is enough to make any bride-to-be smile.