Child and Lion make friends at zoo

June 16, 2011 2:50:35 PM PDT
It's a tale of a hungry lion and one very curious toddler.

It starts with one family's trip to the zoo, but this trip was anything but ordinary.

Trent Higley, like most toddlers, seemed excited to push his stuffed animals aside for the day and see the real-life lions at this Colorado Springs zoo.

But to his parent's surprise, it was Trent who sparked the curiosity of a 400 pound lioness named Angie.

"I was definitely intimidated and a little, you know, it just seems like natural mother instinct to kind of want to pull him out of there, but he seemed to be having fun," said Catherine Higley, Trent's mother.

Eventually Trent's mother put the child back down, allowing him to play along the glass.

That's when the pair's relationship took a seemingly playful turn.

Even with thick glass separating the lioness and their son the couple admits they were nervous.

"You know obviously a lion going after your kid even with a two inch thick glass in between can be a little nerve-wracking," said Trent's dad.

Despite their anxiety, Trent seemed to love the attention and apparently his father did as well.

"My first thought was, I need to edit this and put this on you tube, just because it seemed really interesting and different," adds Higley.

More than 1.5 million people have already seen the video on YouTube.