Pets in the summer

June 21, 2011 2:04:56 PM PDT
We call them the dog days of summer, but when the temperature rises, sometimes we forget that the needs of our furry friends are unique. And even the most pampered of pets like Bo the first dog, seek extra comfort.

Laura Maloney of the humane society of the United States says one thing dog owners often overlook, is that a pup's sweat glands are mostly in their paws, making a run on a hot day unbearable.

"When people are running, those sweat pads are on the dog's feet. And so a dog is on hot pavement, or hot grass, and it's really hard for them it's really hard for them to kind of release that heat", she says.

She recommends leaving your pet at home on runs when it's above 75 or 80 degrees. In addition to the heat, other summer hazards include: -- Onions for the grill and avocados for guacamole, which can cause a negative reaction in dogs. -- lapping up too much bug spray or sunscreen when they lick your skin -- Pools and pool cleaning supplies pose risks. -- And finally, dirty water dishes can grow algae and bacteria, so keep those clean.

Your loyal pet will likely try to keep up with you no matter what, so keep an eye on breathing, before they experience heat stroke.

"Animals can start to have little seizures. And start to go down. You'll see animals walking, they'll just drop, they pant very heavily, but it can kind of be hard to detect it", she signs off.