iPad apps for therapy

June 21, 2011 1:49:34 PM PDT
Popping bubbles is more than just a game for three-year-old Rees.

Rees had problems pointing before his family got the iPad; now, the game has improve his fine motor skills.

His mother, Amy, had a form of leukemia while pregnant with Rees, causing a premature birth and many disabilities.

The iPad has become Rees' unlikely therapist.

"We've tried every therapy and different types of therapies and we know this is one application and tool that's gonna help him, that he enjoys," she says.

Laura Rahman's son, Noah, was also premature.

"So this has helped Noah tremendously with his fine motor skills. He had, like Rees, very little ability to point," she says.

Now, Noah can point and use the touch screen as a form of therapy.

"He jumped up 12 months in fine motor, cognitive skills and communication. It's not only what it's done for our child, but it's the ability to bring this to other people," says Laura.

Noah and Rees' parents have started a website called Snapps - special needs apps for kids, to help parents match apps with therapy for their kids.

The apps allow your child to work on fine motor by giving you a list of apps. If you child is visually impaired, for example, there's an app that may help.

"Maggie didn't have a voice and everybody gave up on her and said basically she'll never speak," says Laura about her child.

Maggie lost her voice when an overdose of chemotherapy caused brain damage but after getting speech therapy with an app Maggie's getting her voice back.

"It was visual, it's touch and it's her hearing it. There's nothing else like it that you can program just for him and it's fun," says Laura.

LINK: http://www.snapps4kids.com/