Getting paid to sleep

June 22, 2011 2:54:18 PM PDT
People are lining up for a chance to become Sleepy's Snooze Director.

"I have an incredible ability to fall asleep any time, any place so thought I might as well put it to good use," said Chelsea Joyce, a Snooze Director applicant.

Chelsea made it through round two of interviews for the company's newest position, and so have Emily Barrett and Anthony Savvides, who are also hoping to land the job. But, part of the process is to think out of the box spring.

"I'm usually on my side and then I'll just tuck it between the legs and off to dream land," Barrett said.

You may think this is a strange question to come up in an interview, but after all, as all three applicants found out, part of their responsibilities as Snooze Director would include demonstrating different sleep positions to customers, and testing out mattresses. Then comes the most important part, blogging and vlogging about their findings.

"We thought, what better way to use it to educate consumers on how your quality of life can improve based on a good night's sleep," said Dina Scandura, Sleepy's Recruitment Manager.

As for the requirements for the job, well that's where the Sleepy's team had a little fun. The person must have at least 18 years of sleeping experience and have excellent slumber skills.

Savvides knows a thing or two about snoozing, he's a college student.

"I really value a good night's sleep. Love my mattress; it's probably the most favorite piece of furniture," Savvides said.

Whoever gets the part time job will not only earn $10 an hour, and will put in as much as 29 hours each week, but they will also have an interesting story to tell the next person who looks at their resume.

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