Vice Principal accused of ending school year early for some

June 24, 2011 3:19:44 PM PDT
Some middle school parents in Brooklyn are reeling after a shocking move by the school's Vice Principal.

Friday was graduation day for seniors at the School for International Studies in Brooklyn, but the rest of the school is in session for a few days. School doesn't let out until next Tuesday.

However 8th graders were told at the school, by the Assistant Principal to take the last week off, and stay home until their report cards are handed out.

"June 28th is the final day of school according to chancellors rights and state laws, we're supposed to be in school until the 28th," said Neil Friedman, a teacher at the school.

Just 20 percent of the students at the school passed state reading tests this year, so parents think every day is crucial.

Teachers plan lessons until the next day.

The Chancellor believes the students would benefit by a full school year.

A number of the students at the school didn't have any problems with the early dismissal.