NYC participate in Elephant Project with kids in Thailand

June 24, 2011 1:31:20 PM PDT
A middle school on the East Side is going beyond the text books to teach students about elephants.

With the help of Skype, the exotic jungles of Thailand are within their reach to do more than just ask questions, but also participate in experiments.

Students at the East Side Middle School were thrilled with the opportunity experience a real-time lesson about the elephants of Thailand.

"When we see the elephants on the screen they will immediately connect and it's not hard to do with elephants," said Emile Lubis, Science Teacher.

The students belong to an after school club, which is part of the not-for-profit called Think Elephants.

"To get an opportunity to actually work with elephants as close as we have been doing is a very rare opportunity a New York City kid; and not just any elephants. It's elephants across the world," said Ben Singer.

Josh Plotnik, an Associate Director of the Golden Triangle Elephant Foundation, who arranged the Skype connection from Thailand, based on his longtime friendship with the school's administration.

The kids got to contribute to experiments, to determine just how smart elephants are.

This was the first year of the think elephants club, and teachers say students are already lining up for next year.