2nd Ave. construction turns UES into dust bowl

June 25, 2011 2:51:23 PM PDT
A New York congresswoman says the Second Avenue construction project is turning the Upper East Side into a noxious dust bowl and she's calling on the MTA to do more to solve the problem.

Residents have been complaining that thick, granular dust from the project is filling the air making it hard to breath. Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, (D) New York, says she's written MTA chairman Jay Walder asking that he look into more effective ways to keep the dust from rising.

"With construction comes some problems. But when you have the area looking like a dust bowl and smelling like a toilet bowl, it has really gone too far," Rep. Maloney said.

The MTA has said it's doing everything it can to mitigate the problem.

And a contractor for the project is putting up a muck conveyance system.

He says it will help reduce noise and address environmental concerns.