Volunteers search for student on "Find Lauren Day"

June 25, 2011 7:19:46 PM PDT
An intense all-day search effort in Indiana Saturday as searchers hoped to find a missing college student from Westchester County.

Volunteers who took part in "Find Lauren Day" searched a large, remote area for any sign of Lauren Spierer, 20. Experts had suggested moving the search out of downtown Bloomington to more rugged terrain.

"We're the parents of three daughters and as the parents of three daughters, we can't imagine, what these parents and family are going through. They just deserve to find their daughter and Lauren deserves to be found," search volunteer Terri Nigh said.

"I have two baby sisters and if it was one of them, I would want anybody and everybody to be here," search volunteer Mona Reed said.

Friday marked three weeks since the Indiana University sophomore was last seen walking alone toward her apartment, after a night of partying with friends.