Eat your skin with new restaurant art

July 5, 2011 11:11:55 AM PDT
Janine Antoni is an artist. She sculpts with materials like soap and chocolate, and she's collaborated with Chef Kevin Lasko on three dishes in a Park Avenue Summer project called "In and On."

The chef used ingredients that are edible and good for your skin, and Janine created corresponding skin care products.

"I really liked the idea that this would be totally experimental as opposed to an object that you just look at," she said.

For starters, there's a peach and lemon balm vodka cocktail. With that cocktail comes a mist called Siren's Breath, infused with everything but the vodka.

For the hamachi cured in salt, coffee and sugar, there's an identical scrub designed to make the skin softer.

The Montauk tile fish is served in a mustard sauce with lavender clippings.

"I was thinking about what it was like to have a bath in your soup," Janine said.

And so there's a bath powder with the ingredients from the sauce, best to bathe in it at home!

Park Avenue Summer has hosted two other art installations, all curated by Creative Time Consulting.

"It's challenging in a good way," Chef Lasko said. "It pushes you outside your element to do things you wouldn't normally do."

And it also makes the dining experience a little more provocative.

"The fact that what you put in the body should also be able to put on your body, so I'm hoping they'll think about that when they're dining," Janine said.

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