Still no decision on Charter School enrollment

June 27, 2011 1:43:38 PM PDT
Hundreds of parents whose children go to New York City charter schools are demanding action.

The school year for those charter school kids begins in less than a month, and many still do not know where they will be going because of a lawsuit against the city.

On Monday, parents and kids protested the door-step of Teachers Union Headquarters.

"The UFT needs to really stop this lawsuit. They need to allow us to exercise our parent choice," said Maria Torres.

They want the United Federation of Teachers to drop its lawsuit that includes opposition to co-locating charter schools inside existing school buildings.

The lawsuit has left plans for a number of charters on hold, affecting some 7,000 students.

"If this lawsuit goes through, if the UFT is victorious, they my daughter can't go to her school," said Kathleen Kernizan.

The lawsuit includes the NAACP as a plaintiff, in an effort to block the closing of failing schools, as well as block the so-called co-location of charter schools. The teachers union has no plans to drop the court action.