Teen saves friend from drowning in pool

June 28, 2011 2:37:19 PM PDT
A 16-year-old teenager from Long Island is being hailed a hero tonight. His quick thinking helped save a young boy who appeared to be drowning in a backyard pool.

It was a casual pool party at the Sairs' Huntington, Long Island home on Monday afternoon. 10 friends and family members were soaking up the summer sun.

But that all changed in a split second.

"Me and my dad were putting away the soda and all of a sudden my stepbrother yelled 'he's drowning!' And we looked and he was laying on the bottom of the pool," said Dominick Sair.

It was his little sister's friend, Chris Walker. The 11-year-old wandered into the deep end of the pool by accident.

"I tried to hold onto the bars and I couldn't hold on and I started drowning," Walker said.

Dominick's 16-year-old cousin Jalen says he didn't have time to panic. The 5th grader needed his help.

"I grabbed him and pulled him. It was dead weight so I had to put him over my shoulder and climb up the ladder," Jalen said.

Chris was bloated, pale and purple. Dominick immediately started CPR in those crucial moments before paramedics arrived at their Clinton Avenue home. Chris was unconscious and unresponsive but the boys helped the paramedics save his life.

Eyewitness News asked Jalen how it feels to be called a hero, to which Jalen responded, "It makes me feel great that I was able to help him."

"It's humbling. I just want people to learn CPR and watch your kids," Sair said.

"If you don't know how to swim stay out of the pool," Walker added.