Apps to help your grill skills

July 4, 2011 1:16:46 PM PDT
The summertime grilling can be if you use any of the hot Smartphone apps served up for grill masters and barbecue beginners.

Before you get the fire going, the "Ask the Butcher" app for iPhone and iPad helps explain which cut is which, the one that best suits your culinary needs, and tips and timers to cook it.

From the big grill maker, the Weber's "On The Grill" app highlights hundreds of classic recipes for pork, poultry and beef in addition to dozens of marinades and rubs. It also creates grocery lists to help gather ingredients or share them with someone else from your iPhone or iPad.

"Grill It," an Android and Apple app from the website Grilling Companion, lets you browse recipes for everything from beef to lamb to vegetables and seafood wherever you are.

And if steak alone is in your barbecue bull's eye, Omaha Steaks has an app aimed right at you. Available for Android and Apple products, the "Steak Time" app has basic grilling know-how for the novice, as well as recipes for the more ambitious cooks. It also has a timer to get steaks cooked just right and to have each of your guests praising you for a job well-done.