Sources: woman mowed down by boyfriend in SUV

July 9, 2011 3:16:00 PM PDT
The search is on for the driver who hit a woman in Midtown and drove away.

Police say the 23-year old woman was standing on 46th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenue when she was hit by a green Honda Pilot around 3:00 Saturday morning.

The driver sped off, witness said.

Police sources say the driver is the boyfriend of the woman who was hit.

He is in critical condition at Harlem Hospital where he is in custody but has not been charged.

The woman is now in stable condition at Bellevue Hospital with her brother by her side.

The witnesses who ran to help her in the middle of the street said she was able to move a little bit, but knew it was bad when they saw her lying in the street.

"There was a lady, she was being dragged," store clerk Harry Pak said.

At an hour when nightlife is winding down, a 23-year-old woman is run down and left for dead; sources say by her own boyfriend.

The only witnesses at 3 a.m. were a store clerk, a security guard, and residents who had just returned home for the evening.

One resident recalled what his roommate witnessed, "He said he saw a woman laying out here with her head pretty busted up," Hayden Sakow said.

Witnesses say the pair had just left a restaurant on West 46th Street when they got into an argument.

Sources say the 28-year-old man is married to another woman.

Sources say cameras from a bank captured the cold-hearted hit and run on tape which first shows the green Honda Pilot parked on the south side of the street, the headlights go on and the victim is then seen trying to get into the car.

The next few seconds show her holding on as the SUV speeds off.

The NYPD mobilized a search for the small SUV, which crashed into two cars five hours later on Harlem River Drive near East 179th Street.

The 28-year-old driver is at Harlem Hospital in police custody and critical condition. He has not yet been charged.