From 'Staycation' to 'Workation'

July 12, 2011 4:43:37 AM PDT
First it was the "Staycation" now it's the "Workation."

Americans can't seem to take a real vacation anymore. Some are skipping them altogether.

"I'm not saying I take all my vacations but I take a couple of weeks in the summer to take out my family because otherwise you just get too burned out," Chris Patillo said.

"Vacations are really important you need rest you need to rest your body soul and mind," Angela Kerr said.

"I think people get nervous because we work such long hours you're worried you won't catch up," Malisa Mersman said.

Most Americans expect to stay connected to their office during their summer vacation.

Regus, the company that helps businesses set up offices, surveyed 5,000 professionals.

75% said they will stay connected in some way. 66% said they will check and respond to email during their time off. And 29% expect they may have to attend online meetings while on vacation.

"They're worried that if they're not working every second of every day that they'll fall behind or they won't get ahead in life and usually if you're that overworked you're not thinking clearly," Karol Ward, a psychotherapist said.

Licensed psychotherapist, Karol Ward, is the author of "Worried Sick". She says the phenomenon of working while on vacation is about our struggle to achieve work-life balance.

So let's say you feel you really can't take a long vacation well experts are split on the solution. Some say take a short one ease into it others say you have to take the plunge.

Here are some tips if you plan to work during your next vacation:
1. Ask your colleagues to give just one update a day. That way you're not checking in every hour.
2. Change your Smartphone setting so that you have to check your emails rather than having them come through all day long.
3. Work for a set time each day. And stick to it.

"If you want to be a better worker a better manager a better to your family you need to recharged your batteries," Ward said, "It doesn't work the other way around working more and not taking a vacation does not help your state of mind or your productivity."

So the doctor's orders are to pack your bags and leave your worries at work!