Secure your seat: subway sexual assualts

July 12, 2011 7:07:44 PM PDT
Angela Frazer and her daughter both ride the subway and both have had bad experiences with men.

"When you're sitting next to them, they, you know, try and grapple you and so on and so forth," Frazer said.

"Men grope on me, like rub on me and one time a man was sitting next to me and he put his hand on my leg," said subway rider, Imani Smith.

Today, a break in the case of an accused repeat subway pervert who left a trail of DNA on the clothes of three victims.

Prosecutors say serial sex abuser Darnell Hardware's sick behavior dates back to June of 2002 when he rubbed up against a 24-year-old woman on a number four train, leaving his DNA behind before fleeing.

He's accused of doing the same thing to a 22 year old woman on a number one train in June of 2005 and six months later, to a 17 year old girl. Prosecutors indicted the then unnamed abuser based on the evidence from the clothes.

Hardware was arrested for similar subway incidents in Brooklyn last September and a couple of weeks ago in the Bronx. It just so happens his DNA was in the state database because of a drug conviction and when it was tested, there was a match to the clothing from those old cases.

"He's charger with three felony counts, in each indictment, the top count is a felony that would require proof beyond unreasonable doubt of forcible compulsion, which is unfathomable in rush hour traffic on a New York City subway," said Defense Attorney, Liam Malanaphy.