$1M bail for NJ man charged in father's killing

July 12, 2011 4:46:31 PM PDT
Prosecutors say a New Jersey man shot his father in the head so he could steal money and credit cards from his safe to buy drugs.

A Superior Court judge on Tuesday ordered bail maintained at $1 million cash for 25-year-old Brendon Matos. He's being held at the Morris County jail.

He's charged with murder in the death of 56-year-old Nelson Matos inside their Randolph home.

Investigators say the father was killed July 5 as he washed dishes in the kitchen.

Prosecutor Robert Bianchi said Brendon Matos then went on a three-day spree, buying drugs and partying with women at hotels until he was arrested on Friday.

Public defender Dolores Mann told the judge she will review information in the case before filing an application for lower bail. No plea has been entered.