Missing teen camper found on Staten Island

Teenager camper goes missing from camp in Catskills.

July 13, 2011 11:41:16 AM PDT
A missing teenage camper in the Catskills turned up on Staten Island, police said.

Police say 14-year-old Moshe Dresner was last seen at a camp in Dairlyand on Tuesday night.

Camp Beth Yitzochok is a summer camp for Hasidic youth from the New York City area.

Dresner is from Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Investigators searched the camp, surrounding woods, Brooklyn and other areas in the City using police personnel, police K9s, police helicopters, and civilian volunteers.

Authorities said the teen called his parents this afternoon saying he didn't know where he was. Police traced the call to a mall in Staten Island. NYPD responded and made positive ID.