FDNY searching for new recruits

July 17, 2011 2:05:10 PM PDT
With the FDNY set to offer its first entrance exam in more than four years, efforts are underway to find a diverse pool of applicants.

On Sunday, FDNY Commissioner Sal Cassano spoke at the Allen A.M.E Cathedral in Jamaica, Queens to get the word out that his department is looking for recruits.

The old entrance exam was put on hold, after a federal lawsuit claimed it discriminated against blacks and Hispanics.

Now a judge has given the go-ahead for a new test.

"It'll be very important for us to get out a message of getting recruitment from diversified areas of the city and this is a great community to recruit from," Cassano said.

"It's a long time in coming in terms of this outreach because I think it's essential for there to be a measure of diversity in the fire department," Rev. Floyd Flake from Allen A.M.E. Cathedral said.

The new test will be offered early next year.

Up to 40,000 applicants are expected to sign up.