Mayor Bloomberg pays respects to Kletzky family

July 18, 2011 8:11:38 PM PDT
Mayor Michael Bloomberg paid his respects to the family of Leiby Kletzky Monday night in Borough Park, Brooklyn.

Mayor Bloomberg called Leiby Kletzky's murder one of the sad days in city history.

"I think we all should take a look at our children, say a prayer for the young boy and his family," Bloomberg said.

The impact of the horrific crime is still being felt in Borough Park.

"What we know is that he is not here anymore," Assemblyman Dov Hikind said.

It's where community leaders try to explain the overwhelming loss many here still feel.

"The heart of this community has been ripped out for the time being," said a community member.

And healing appears to be a long way off, as the case and the suspect move through the justice system.

Leiby was kidnapped and killed last week while on his way to meet his mother.

His accused murderer, Levi Aron, is now at Bellevue Hospital where he's undergoing a mental health evaluation.

"He is hearing voices. He's been hearing voices for quite some time. He tries to quell some of the voices by listening to music, and he listens to it with headphones, and he listens to it very loud," said Gerard Marrone, Aron's Defense Attorney.

At Levi Aron's arraignment last week, his attorneys asked for a mental health evaluation saying the accused child killer seemed delusional and disoriented.

"He's indicated to me that he hears voices, and there are some hallucinations there as well," said Pierre Bazile, Defense Attorney.

They spent much of the day Monday meeting with him at Bellevue Hospital.

"At times he's clear, he talks about his childhood, and like I said, his childhood appears to be quite average and normal, but then there's times he just goes someplace else," Marrone said.

Aron is accused of smothering and dismembering 8-year-old Lieby Kletzky who made the fatal mistake of getting lost from a Brooklyn day camp a week ago, and asking the hardware store clerk for directions.

The grand jury hearing the case could return an indictment on felony murder at any time.

In the meantime, investigators continue to build their DNA case.

Over the weekend, they pulled out furniture from Aron's Kensington home, as parts of the child's body had been found in the suspect's freezer.

"We'd like to make a call to the public in general to just dial down the anger a bit. We know that it's a very contentious time, it's a horrible incident, but we have to just sit back and respect the judicial process," Bazile said.