A brief heat wave ahead of hotter weather

July 18, 2011 8:14:20 PM PDT
People around the New York City area are doing everything they can to cool off after a heat wave his hit the city.

Swimwear selection is one thing 72-year-old Laverne Selby isn't shy about.

She and dozens of parents, grandparents and their kids were in line a half hour before the pool opened at 11 a.m. in Central Park.

They were desperate to cool off.

Lavern Selby says "You can bake an egg on the ground in this weather. It's Africa hot. This 72-year-old woman is getting in that water."

Damon Smith says he didn't even have to ask his kids, Sky and Damon if they wanted to go to the pool the beads of sweat rolling down their faces said it all.

"It's about 100. It's very hot. You have to drink water and keep the kids cool," said Damon.

And Clara Collazo was jealous watching her 8-year-old son Senai bobbing in the water.

The weather is supposed to remain in the 90's for the remainder of this week.