Indictment possible soon in Leiby Kletzky murder

July 19, 2011 8:07:18 PM PDT
A grand jury is expected to hand down an indictment as early as Wednesday against the man accused of murdering an 8-year old boy in Brooklyn.

Tuesday, crime scene investigators returned to the Kensington home of suspect Levi Aron, who is expected to face murder and kidnapping charges in the death of Leiby Kletzky.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes, the latest high-profile elected official to pay a visit to the still-grieving family, promised them he would get to the bottom of the unsettling crime.

"I understand the torture that they're going through, and I wanted them to understand further that they have my personal committment that every resource in the office will be used," Hynes said.

Hynes is hoping the grand jury will make its decision soon.

"I would say that the case is 90 percent presented," he said. "And the last step is the actual testimony of the deputy medical examiner of the precise cause of death."

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly paid their personal respects to the family on Monday.

They met at the home of the boy's parents in Borough Park and emerged looking deeply affected.

"I think we all should, before we go to bed, take a look at our children and recognize how lucky we are to have them, and pray this doesn't happen to us, and say a prayer for the young boy and for his family," Bloomberg said.

Kletzky's murder and its horrific nature are still resonating throughout the community.

"The heart of this community has been ripped out for the time being," Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind said. "That's how we all feel."

Aron's lawyers indicated on Monday that an insanity defense is becoming more and more of a possibility.

Aron is undergoing an mental health evaluation at Bellevue Hospital, and his lawyers say their client has difficulty answering direct questions.

"One thing he did reiterate to myself and [defense attorney] Pierre [Bazile] is that he is hearing voices," defense attorney Gerard Marrone said. "he's been hearing voices for quite some time."

According to reports and lawyers, Aron went to karaoke bars to try and block out or remove those voices from his head.

Meantime, in an effort to make New York City neighborhoods safer, Wednesday legislation will be announced called Leiby's Law, in memory of the 8-year-old boy killed in Brooklyn.

If passed, the law would allow businesses to post stickers letting children know they are a safe haven if they need help.