Stay connected in Central Park

July 26, 2011 2:23:53 PM PDT
You might think of a park experience as an oasis from your digital life. But it seems everywhere we go, multimedia follows. Central Park Conservancy now wants to engage their wired visitors by helping them navigate the park.

38 million people visit central park every year. With 843 acres, there's so much to see and knowing where to find it is not always easy!

Now when you enter central park there are old fashion maps so you know where you are. Once inside, traditional maps give park goers the lay of the land.

"This is our map and we see people all the time using this map," said Central Park Conservancy President, Doug Blonsky.

But now you can trade in your park map for a Smartphone app. Instantly Central park and all its hidden treasures are at your fingertips.

"If you are in park, locate yourself- bathrooms, food vendors, thinking your lost and find yourself. It also tells you insider information in real time what's happening that day," said Central Park Conservancy Vice President, Terri Coppersmith.

For example, did you know that in the winter time, Wolman ice rink, which is the scene of so many Hollywood movies, turns into Victoria Gardens, which is an amusement park in the summer!

Look for green signs at over 40 park landmarks, you can call on celebrity tour guides.

"Dial the numbers you get a great, famous NYC," Blonsky said. "Hear the story from their perspective."

The park reinvention includes building as cyber audience. Follow @centralparkbuzz, they tweet too!

They've got 50,000 Facebook friends and they hope you'll "LIKE" the park's new digital experience too.