Mary Pat Christie unveils new hero

July 20, 2011 8:05:56 PM PDT
New Jersey Heroes program is headed by Mary Pat Christie. The governor's wife's first heroes were introduced during the governor's inauguration.

The program puts a spotlight on the individuals and groups who are giving back in their communities. The newest hero was introduced on Wednesday in Jersey City. Both the first lady and governor were there.

"Those are all the reason's I want to make him my hero today," Mrs. Christie said.

Mary Pat Christie, with her husband, the governor, by her side, introduced the newest New Jersey hero, former Seton Hall basketball star, Jerry Walker. He now heads "Team Walker", a non-profit that mentors local school children.

"I won a lot of trophies in my life for athletics but this is really meaningful to me," Walker said.

And according to New Jersey's first lady, it is meaningful to the entire state. Her "New Jersey Hero" initiative recognizes people and organizations impacting the state positively.

"The other over-arching theme of New Jersey Heroes is really pride in New Jersey because there are so many great people and we really are trying to promote that," Mrs. Christie said.

That's even more of a reason the governor should not mind serving as his wife's wingman on this one. While both say they are energized by the people they meet, he adds that the heroes are also good for the spirit of New Jersey.

"These are tough times, really tough times for people and i think it's great when people can read or watch about some special person in our state who knows that there's more at stake than their own self interest," Governor Christie said.