Heat precautions at summer camps

July 22, 2011 7:44:37 AM PDT
For the 190 children who come every day to the Acres of Adventure summer program at Ann and Andy Child Care Center, extra precautions like drinking plenty of water are emphasized to make sure they stay safe.

"Just stay cool and have a lot of fun," says student Anthony Titto.

"We keep them well hydrated. There are water stations throughout the campus?and coolers filled with ice cold water at their disposal," said co-director Cheryl Anstett.

The students are even taught how important it is to stay cool by rotating every 45 minutes from outside to cooler rooms inside where they have access to games and other activities.

"If we see children become red and flushed, less active, or if their muscles start cramping, any of those are a major warning signs that there is a problem," warns Pediatric Emergency Specialist Dr. David Markenson, who sees a number of heat-related cases at Maria Fareri Children's Hospital.

"They need to be immediately taken out of the heat, cooled down and allowed to drink," adds Dr. Markenson.

On days like this, the need is pressing.