New way to complain about taxi drivers

July 25, 2011 3:17:26 PM PDT
Complaints about taxi drivers is a common refrain for New Yorkers with nearly 8,000 a year for bad behavior or unsafe driving.

But complaining is one thing, taking is action is another.

Most people never show up for a formal hearing, but now under a new proposal will make it easier to follow up.

It's a way of life for many in the city as each day about 700,000 people rely on yellow cab drivers to take them from point "a" to point "b" but for some, it's anything but smooth sailing.

With the number of complaints that come in, you would think the TLC would be flooded with forms, where you tell your story, and where the TLC sends you a compliant letter, asking if you'd be willing to follow up.

Over the course of a year, of the roughly 7,700 complaints that came into 311, 66 percent of people didn't return the complaint letter.

14 percent did not request a hearing, and 11 percent did.

Officials say riders sometimes do not follow through because they have a change of heart, figure maybe the driver was having a bad day.

And the age old excuse that you absolutely have no time to follow up, go to a hearing, well it really doesn't fly. The TLC says new measures are in place that have made the process much easier

"In the past you used to have to come to TLC offices and sit in a room, probably not most compatible and wait for a hearing, Now we can actually have you call into the hearing, be there with a judge on the phone with the driver and go through the process," said Conan Freud with the TLC.

Now it's a conference call, the TLC says it will even work around your schedule to set it up, for a chance for riders to really put their money where their mouth is.