Be careful when applying for jobs online

July 26, 2011 2:04:53 PM PDT
Job hunters know the feeling of spending hours in front of the computer, searching the internet for opportunities, and clicking "send" on resume after resume.

For the most weary and frustrated, online scams can be tough to spot and easy to fall for, thanks to clever websites that can add an air of legitimacy to a scam.

The Better Business Bureau recently rounded up the most effective online scams, including a few that take advantage of job seekers.

Some offer to match up consumers with a job for a fee. Scammers swipe the money plus a victim's bank account information and in some cases their Social Security number.

Also on the list, work-from-home schemes, which allegedly offer consumers a chance to work as a mystery shopper or assembling simple items.

The BBB reminds job hunters that legitimate job offers will never ask for money upfront for a background check, credit report or other so-called administrative fees.

Also, be wary of unsolicited job offers in your email. Clicking on links could corrupt your computer with spyware.

And be careful about where you upload your resume. The personal information on it can make you a target for identity thieves.