A new way to get around town

July 26, 2011 2:28:05 PM PDT
It's the new cool way to get around. It's a bicycle with an electric twist.

It's called a Flykly electric bike. It is part of a growing trend, but can you ride one in New York?

It's a bike with a motor- so while you can pedal one of the pedals, you can also just as well rely on the engine.

"Flykly are electric bicycles they go 20 miles per hour and 40 miles on one charge," Niko Klansek said.

Klansek is the creators of the brand, Flykly. 'Kly' comes from the Greek word for constant energy and this bike gets its power from a battery tucked under the seat. Take it into your apartment and charge it just like you would charge a cell phone. A dollar worth of electric will get you a thousand of miles.

"They're zippy and quiet and you kind of don't want to use the pedals," Niko said.

Its unique feature, however, is cause for controversy because while they can be pedaled, most people opt for the engine.

Yet people ride electric bikes in bike lanes. The federal government says they're legal if they don't go above 20 miles an hour. But in New York state, things are a little uncertain. The Assembly has signed a law allowing them, although New York State Senate has yet to sign on.

In China, there are as many as 100 million of these bikes. In New York, more and more often it is delivery men riding them.

Flykly has two models, retro and modern. Both cost $1,900, plus a little more if you get a ticket, which Niko says is very avoidable.

"I say if you ride safely, you'll be okay," Niko said.