Wedding Crashers: Bridal store shuts down

July 28, 2011 4:34:05 AM PDT
The shutting down of the bridal store"'Nonchalance" in New Jersey has left brides and bridesmaids in a quandry.

Tara Deleeuw's wedding is two weeks away, and she is now dealing with a problem she didn't expect.

"It's a nightmare, it can't be happening," Deleeuw said.

But it did happen. "Nonchalance," the store her bridesmaids bought their dresses from in Morristown, has suddenly gone out of business, leaving dozens of brides-to-be just like her in a real jam.

The wedding planning for Alison Connors was going so well, until this happened.

"This is the first glitch," Connors said. "It's the big one."

The closure is affecting dozens of weddings, with the brides and their bridesmaids wondering if they'll get their money back and, more importantly perhaps, will they get the dresses in time for their wedding day.

A seamstress affiliated with the store is also looking for answers.

The owner of "Nonchalance" refused to talk to any reporters who approached her and didn't answer her phone.

There is a sign on the store's front door that reads the store closed because of "unforeseen circumstances" and that customers will be contacted this week.

Linda Scollosy's daughter-in-law is set to tie the knot in three weeks.

"They're gonna have to shell out more money," Scollosy said.

Eyewitness News learned that Park Avenue Bridal in Verona, New Jersey, is helping to fill orders that were already placed, and that "Nonchalance" is expected to open on Friday for just three hours to resolve outstanding orders.

What's not clear is if the customers will be getting their money back.