Skating rink opens below the High Line

July 28, 2011 2:46:58 PM PDT
The City's newest place to roller skate is located at Tenth Avenue and 30th Street right below the High Line.

"Why not have a skating rink as weird as the high line itself?" said Robert Hammond, the High Line's co-founder.

While the new rink isn't technically on the High Line, it provides yet another reason to visit the elevated park. So kick off those shoes, lace up and channel those days from the 70s.

The outdoor version is a little different than a classic rink - it is just asphalt and paint.

The rink is open for a limited time this summer, from July 28 to Monday, September 26.

High Line Rink is one of the only open-air rollerskating venues in Manhattan, with regularly scheduled theme nights and other fun public activities for visitors of all ages.

Admission will be free for the first 500 people on the first three days of operation thanks to UNIQLO.

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