Dumpster removed from Washington Heights block

July 29, 2011 9:33:22 AM PDT
A smelly, overflowing dumpster left unattended for a month has been removed from a Washington Heights neighborhood.

As Eyewitness News reported on Thursday, the construction dumpster had been parked on West 158th Street for weeks, overflowing with garbage and over-run with rats and flies.

Neighbors say the pink dumpster was parked there for a renovation. It became a dumping ground because it's remained in this spot for one whole month.

"Someone needs to do something about this for the safety and health of the people," said nearby resident Peter Boyce.

Boyce and his sons took alternate routes to avoid the mountain of trash, with its stench and swirling flies. Last Friday, it was especially unsavory when temperatures soared to 100.

"It bakes, and it smells in the evening. It has to go," Boyce said.

311 confirms receiving 8 complaints since July 9th. A spokesman said 311 forwarded the complaints to the sanitation department.

A police officer with the Sanitation Department snapped photographs on Thursday. Domingo Dilone just wants the overflowing dumpster gone. It lies just feet from his convenience store.

"It definitely has affected the business," Dilone said.

The phone number painted on the dumpster connected us with Orion Carting in Brooklyn. They assured Eyewitness News that they would cart away the dumpster, and by Friday morning, the dumpster was gone.