Angry customers confront bridal shop owners

July 29, 2011 4:47:12 AM PDT
A bridal shop that shut its doors without notice opened them just for a bit on Thursday to be confronted by angry customers.

The reaction from brides-to-be who couldn't get their bridal party's gowns was anything but calm.

"You screwed people, that's what you did," said an angry customer.

There was very little the owners of the bridal store could say or do to calm the brides-to-be and others that came into their store.

"I'm getting married in two months, you think I need this *expletive*?" one customer yelled.

Just 24 hours ago, some of the brides to be were floored when they discovered that "Nonchalance" had suddenly gone out of business without warning.

It's leaving them in a jam, some just days away from their weddings.

"Do you think its right to rip off these people and then skip town?" a customer asked.

On Thursday, there was another surprise.

The store opened its doors again, temporarily.

"Are they going to get their money back? Is this a bankruptcy?" Eyewitness News asked "Not really. Yes from the trustees, or their credit card company," Sheila Erickson said.

Eyewitness News confronted Sheila Erickson, the owner's mother.

She denies that the store is about to declare bankruptcy.

She says it's going out of business because her daughter is seriously ill and unable to work.

"I'm here to disperse dresses to people who purchased them," Erickson said.

"I don't believe it, I just don't buy the story," said Lucelly Ponce, a bride-to-be.

Lucelly Ponce is getting married in two months.

She bought five dresses, and now she might have to shell out more money to finally get the dresses she was promised.

"I'm going to be out of the dresses and have to pay more for the dresses," Ponce said.