Westchester County hit hard by storms

July 29, 2011 8:01:56 PM PDT
Westchester County residents are coping with downed trees, fallen powerlines, and power outages.

"Never in my life have I seen anything like that never, it just blows your mind," said a Westchester County resident.

Storm came through everything went crazy crack, scared the death out of us," said another resident.

"The wind, loud thunder, loud thunder," another person added.

That wind, and thunder was more than a weather scare in Westchester County and what residents call a tornado-like disaster.

Where there were flashing lights, there were downed trees.

"No question, it happened so instantly, trees were back and forth and back and forth," a resident said.

From the massive to the minor, the storm-damage was widespread.

In Ossining, a branch pierced a windshield and not far away a tree trunk toppled into some power poles.

It brought the lines sparking down all around Sally Dow's car.

"I was heading home, terrified cause I couldn't see a thing and I just heard this deafening crash," Dow said.

Manuel Albelo heard the same deafening crash from in his van where he was surrounded by fiery live wires. "I see fire I come like this, I like this after five minutes I look up and thank God," Albelo said.

From gratitude to grief as some still try to dig out from the damage, the storm leaving more than a mess but a bit of emotional aftermath too.

"A nightmare, my worst," a resident.