Teen killed by SUV driven by stabbed man

August 1, 2011 6:28:16 AM PDT
A man and a teenager are dead after a bizarre crash that began with a stabbing.

The incident happened in Brooklyn and left a girl on a stoop and the driver of an SUV dead.

Police say a man was stabbed and then lost control of his vehicle. He slammed into the building where the 13-year-old girl, identfied as Kira Goddard, was sitting outside with friends.

The teen was pinned underneath the SUV and later died. The driver of the SUV was also pronounced dead.

"It happened so suddenly I cannot cry. I have no tears," the victim's grieving mother, Joyce Lovelady, said.

Goddard was hanging out on her Brownsville stoop with friends when the SUV came barreling toward them, hitting parked cars.

Lovelady heard the chilling screams.

"When I heard the commotion I ran down," she said. "All the kids in the building, they say 'Kira didn't make it.'"

Kira's mother says the teen may have saved her friends, but couldn't save herself.

"She said to them to run, but she didn't have time to run," Lovelady explained.

Police say the driver of the SUV, 44-year-old Sean Lewis, had been stabbed in the torso.

They say he was heading down Pacific Street when he crashed into several parked cars near Saratoga Avenue.

They say he backed up, hit another parked car before flipping over and pinning Kira.

Lewis was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Neighbors say he was a great father and kept to himself.

"You basically see him with his children going in and out. [He] never got in trouble, no incident on the streets," neighbor Andrew Coleman said.

Now there are two sudden deaths and two families in mourning.

Kira's mom says she loved hanging out on the Brooklyn stoop and riding her bike around the neighborhood.

Police are still investigating the stabbing of the driver.